Sometimes, you don't need another course or fancy platform.

Sometimes, you just need to finally figure out who you're talking to, what they want to hear, and how the heck you can reach them.

And you need the support, resources, and accountability to make sure you do it every. single. day.

No more excuses. No more spaghetti-at-the-wall marketing.
Marketing can be stupid simple! 

Know your brand voice, know your audience, figure out your goals, and then consistently show up.
It's not necessarily easy, just simple. Figuring out the brand voice and audience is the key. And showing up over and over again takes some intention and a touch of courage. And clarity on what you actually want in your business? Not something most people tackle too often.

The problem with that is that without the whole marketing and sales system thing happening, without that clarity and intention, and without those sales conversations, your business suffers. 

And so do you.

You find yourself scrolling through feeds, looking for a place to not-so-subtlely drop a plug for your high ticket offer on someone who's never heard of you before.

You avoid the platforms, meetings, and conversations that would maybe give you a chance to serve your ideal client for once.

You wonder how many more months (or years) you're going to feel like a struggling "start up".

You post 12 times a day without actually making an offer and then go to bed exhausted and wondering if you should look into that new fangled email list thingy.

Ready to finally get out of all of that?!

Come join us in Coffee Break Marketing.

You'll have everything you need, right in your pocket, so that you can sit down and do marketing consistently, simply, and WITH INTENTION, based on goals and brand messaging you've taken the time to figure out beforehand.

"BUT HOW WILL I HAVE TIME FOR THAT?! You think I haven't tried to improve my marketing already?!" <---- you, right now.

Yeah. I'm sure you have. Maybe you even dropped big bucks on some courses and conferences. 

And you've probably spent hours and hours shooting without a target.

A broken arrow.

And some wobbly, crooked bow you found in the woods.
At a certain point, either you've figured this out the "self-study" way, or you haven't.

And no one gets to say when that point is, but you.

So are you ready?

Are you ready for a bank of resources, prompts, story ideas, promotion layouts, email examples, call templates, unusual methods, and general get-it-in-gear teaching and encouragement so that you can sit down, put a finger on what you'll be doing today, and then DO IT?

I thought, maybe, that would sound about right.

Here's what it looks like:
  • Marketing idea after marketing idea after marketing idea - All sorted by the amount of time you have to tackle it that day, what platforms you love, and what your current growth goals are. Pick what fits, and take action.
  • Story prompts - I could just tell you to go engage your audience with stories like everyone else, or I could make it oh-so-much easier and interview you (with already written questions, obviously, I'm not showing up at your house or anything) so that you get it all out, no worries, in a way that people can't stop reading. (Spoiler: I do the second. The story prompts are there to get you talking.)
  • How-tos and resources - Marketing world updates, worksheets, videos and generally whatever you need to do all the things I'm telling you to go do. See, I'm nice!
  • ​Monthly small group hot-seats - You and your group mates and me. Talking strategy. My marketing brain, your questions. Group camaraderie. Big ideas.
  • Support and accountability - Weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning and check-ins so you can see your growth, get help, and make sure you get everything done.
  • ​Group access - Where you can get feedback, a kick in the butt, or ask questions.
  • ​An intake process - You and I talk, lay out what's working and what's not, set your vision and goals, and make a roadmap. 
Grab your spot for a monthly payment:
Yep. That's it.

Because it's not about whether you have time to do one more group.

It's about whether you have time to keep waiting to get this right. 

Do you have the time to keep spinning your wheels?

To keep Googling info and ideas at 1:27 am and getting sucked down a never ending vortex of blog posts that all disagree?

To keep wondering at what point that "pipeline" everyone talks about will actually kick in and you'll have sales and the time to enjoy the income that comes with them?

Coffee Break Marketing has been in my mind for so long because it's here to make the short time you do have for marketing go easier, feel smoother, and work better.

To make it more you, and less formulas and guessing.

I'm not just going to pop up on your phone, telling you to work harder and wake up even earlier with a beanie and some very exaggerated hand gestures.

I want to give you all the things and courage you need to save time by doing all the marketing things ON PURPOSE, WITH PURPOSE.
Sound Good?

Oh, and one last thing...
By the way...there's no trial. And there's no contract. 

There's no extra bonus or quick action, or any of that stuff. You sign up, we rock it, together.

The incentive is that, the faster you're in, the sooner you can make progress on all of this. Which means clearing your head, getting out of your own way, and getting clients in the (virtual or literal) door.

Plus, if you show up, give it a good run, and think it's awful, you can ask for a refund. And I'll buy you a coffee.

Still have questions? Shoot me an email at and we'll talk it out!

Committed to reading to the end of the sales page? Me too :) It's like Marvel credits, you just never know!

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